20 Years of Industry Experience

Tri Gonz Flower Trading Corporation is a Filipino-owned company engaged in wholesale importation of flowers into the Philippines. We supply imported quality flowers at the best prices to stylists, flower shops, and the country’s top hotels.

Incorporated in 1996, we were one of the first wholesale flower importers in the country cultivating the flower industry to what it is today.

The Most Trusted Supplier

Our professional experience is paired with our commitment to providing quality products and reliable service.

Because freshness of flowers and foliage is of utmost importance, Tri Gonz only brings in products pre-ordered by our clients. No flowers are stored for several days. As a result, we have had a blossoming of relationships with our clients that make us the most trusted and preferred supplier of imported flowers in the Philippines.

In Search of the Best Flowers in the World

Because nature never stays the same, we are constantly in search of new flower varieties.

Our dedication to addressing the needs of our clients extends to identifying new and rare flowers and foliage, searching for suppliers to further widen our network all over the world, and making them within reach for you.

For interested parties, you may get in touch with us here.